Bugs with Benefits Seed Collection 2

Bugs with Benefits Seed Collection 2

Bugs with Benefits Collection

Did you know that for most insect pests in your garden there is a predator that will love to eat it? Instead of using harmful insecticides to kill off the bad bugs in your garden harness mother nature by planting a diverse selection of flowering plants that attract beneficial insects into your garden. They will do all the hard work for you. Growing a combination of perennials and annuals you will attract bees, lace wings, predatory mites, assassin bugs, mantis, lady birds, tiny wasps and insectivore and seed eating birds.  Regenerate your garden with Bugs with Benefits

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Candytuft – Dwarf Fairy Mix Approx. 400 Seeds

Cleome- Four Queen Mix Approx. 300 Seeds

Gypsophila Approx. 400 Seeds

Honesty Approx. 60 Seeds

Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix Approx. 100 Seeds

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