HydroBoost 1lt concentrate

A powerful concentration of plant hormones for accelerated growth. HydroBoost is derived from pulped sargassum kelp. Sargassum kelp is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet due its high concentration of auxins and cytokinins. HydroBoost promotes plant growth at the time of establishment, throughout the life of the plant, and assists in the endurance of environmental stress.

• Stimulates additional plant growth
• Offsets the effects of pests and disease
• Improves drought and salt tolerance
• Improves cold tolerance
• Enhances photosynthesis

  Seasol Boost
pH 10.5 – 11.4 6.0 – 7.0
Phosphorus 0.01% 0.012%
Potassium 1.5% 6%
Magnesium 340 ppm 300 ppm
Manganese 3 ppm 2615 ppm
Molybdenum <0.5 ppm 500 ppm
Copper 1 ppm 2477 ppm
Zinc 7 ppm 5000 ppm
Sulphur 1000 ppm 1500 ppm
Boron 1 ppm 1000 ppm
Iron 65 ppm 5000 ppm

1 ppm is 1 milligram per litre – 1% is 1000% ppm

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