Soil, Heavy metals, leaf tissue, water testing and analysis

Soil testing that doesn’t cost the earth.

Soil testing and analysis is the only way to gain a deeper understanding of soil fertility. A soil analysis provides detailed information on nutrient requirements and the capacity of a soil to retain them.

More than just a basic pH test, the Soil Doctors can perform a comprehensive analysis on soil and plant tissue identifying and quantifying a whole range of elements. We can address specific problems and provide you with an easy to follow report with recommendations tailored to the needs of YOUR plants growing in YOUR soil.

Traditionally, soil and tissue testing has been time consuming, expensive, difficult to understand and not environmentally friendly. Now, advances in analytical technology have enabled us to offer affordable services to residential gardeners that were previously only considered economically viable for those at the cutting edge of agriculture.

Comprehensive soil testing and analysis:

  • Improves plant health & vigour
  • Identifies your nutrient requirements
  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces fertiliser leaching
  • Reduces pesticide use
  • Reduces herbicide use
  • Identifies toxic heavy metals (such as lead) & pathogens
  • Saves money using ONLY the products you need

Prices start from $59 per sample. For more information please contact Jess on 040 777 5641 or email

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