Weed Matting

Weed matting is made from biodegradable natural coir fibres. Due to its density and one layer of natural rubber lining it suppresses the growth of grass and weeds in a natural way and at the same time prevents the ground from drying out. Rain, dew and the humidity of the soil will help the coir quickly mould to the shape of the ground.

The coir matting can be cut for easy installation of plants. Weed matting is suitable wherever weed or grass growth is to be suppressed and water retention is to be increased.

The matting will decompose after about 2 years and will provide a valuable humus. Fantastic for the verge.

1m wide and 5m long.

Free delivery on orders over $100 to metro area. Pick up from Sabrina Hahn – Hort with Heart warehouse 2/5 Strang Court Beaconsfield WA. Delivery can be arranged for orders under $100 please contact Jessie for more information admin@sabrinahahn.com.au 

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