Coir forestry tube – Pack of 10

Ideal for revegetation and rehabilitation.

  • No more environmentally harmful plastic pots100% Biodegradable and organic
  • A renewable, sustainable resource from a by product coconut fibre not peat moss.
  • Pot, plant and medium can be transplanted in its entirety reducing labour costs
  • Eliminates the shock to roots during transplanting
  • Roots go through the pots and are air pruned until planted in the ground
  • No root binding
  • No waste to dispose of at the growing site
  • Many sizes available, including custom sizes
  • Evaporative cooling of root zone
  • Lifespan of the pots is 10 months
  • Pot size 130mm High, 55mm Wide, 35mm Base

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We are committed to supporting sustainable growth for your community, school, and non-profit organisation.
Our forestry tubes are ideal for growing native plants, trees, seedlings and vegetables! They are also perfect for revegetation and rehabilitation projects.
If you purchase 500 Forestry tubes, we will donate an additional 500 tubes. This way, you can grow sustainably and help the environment at the same time.
Take advantage of our special offer on coir pots today Email Jess to find out more information.
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