Coir forestry tube – Pack of 10

City of South Perth Nursery growing tube stock for Town of Victoria Park.

Ideal for revegetation and rehabilitation.






  • No more environmentally harmful plastic pots100% Biodegradable and organic
  • A renewable, sustainable resource from a by product coconut fibre not peat moss.
  • Pot, plant and medium can be transplanted in its entirety reducing labour costs
  • Eliminates the shock to roots during transplanting
  • Roots go through the pots and are air pruned until planted in the ground
  • No root binding
  • No waste to dispose of at the growing site
  • Many sizes available, including custom sizes
  • Evaporative cooling of root zone
  • Lifespan of the pots are 1 to 2 years
  • Pot size 130mm High, 55mm Wide, 35mm Base

For wholesale enquiries please email Jess at

Pick up from Sabrina Hahn – Hort with Heart warehouse 2/5 Strang Court Beaconsfield WA.


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