Grow Safe Spreadable Soil Microbes plus Trace Minerals

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A complete application of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi – Suitable for all plant and soil types. Total bacteria and fungi 270 Billion Colony Forming Units per kg. AMF Soil Microbes: available in dry powder form (unless marked). Long shelf life; no refrigeration required. A range of microbe coated mineral fertilisers = The “Grow Safe” range. AMF Soil Microbe blends contain a scientifically balanced blend of specific beneficial bacterial and fungal organisms totalling between 24–30 strains. Some of those include:

  • Actinomycetes assist in soil health and nutrient cycling
  • Azotobacter produce plant growth regulators
  • Azospirillum free-living N fixers, convert atmospheric N
  • Bacilli lactic acid bacteria, help soil conditioning and structure
  • Cellulosic fungi cellulose decomposers release organic C
  • Mycorrhiza fungi involved in mineral nutrient uptake to plants
  • Phosphobacter convert P
  • Pseudomonas soldier bacteria help protect plants and root zone
  • Rhizobium legume nitrogen fixers
  • Streptomyces anti-pathogenic
  • Saccharomyces yeasts
  • Trichoderma spp in Premium Ag and Trichoderma Plus blends.




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