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“The best granular fertiliser I’ve ever used.”

Published September 15, 2016 in General News

Tonight Australian Mineral Fertilisers, in partnership with Sabrina Hahn, officially launches Grow Safe. Grow Safe embodies a culture and capability to foster healthy soil to enhance the environment, food quality and the well-being of all of us.

AM Fertilisers manufacture a range of biological products that incorporate both rock minerals and pro-biotic soil microbes to re-mineralise the soil. The Grow Safe Launch provides an opportunity to showcase their client’s results – including fruit & vegetables, meat, wine and dairy products that are on a Grow Safe program.

AM Fertilisers strongly believes that through a biological system like Grow Safe, we can increase the quality and quantity of Western Australia’s agricultural production, without compromising human health or the environment.

Stephen Frost, founder of AM Fertilisers said “The productivity of our plants and the quality of the food we eat, relies on the vitality of the soil on which it is grown. Grow Safe meets this challenge.”

Leading West Australian Horticulturist Sabrina Hahn is renowned for her interest in soil fertility and its relationship to plant and human health. Sabrina was introduced to AM Fertilisers founder Stephen Frost and was genuinely impressed by the innovation of combining soil biology, mineralisation and fertiliser to achieve higher quality produce.

“I am seriously excited about the Grow Safer fertiliser and what this means for gardeners and producers alike. Having used Grow Safe extensively over a period of years in different applications, it has been consistently outstanding. Grow Safe is the best granular fertiliser I have ever used.”

AM Fertiliser’s clients testify that since shifting to a Grow Safe program they have had outstanding results.

Dairy and beef producers Luke & Casey Norton said
“We have noticed many positives – financially through improved animal health and fodder conservation and we also had more resilient crops during the quick finish season of 2015.”

AM Fertilisers is developing a Grow Safe certification structure to enable consumers to make an informed decision on how their food has been grown.

Our valued clients and contributors for the launch include:

  • West Cape Howe, Montefalco & Alkoomi (Grow Safe wine)
  • Brian & Marlene Trigwell (Grow Safe veal)
  • Dimasi Produce & Pack House (Grow Safe fruit and vegetables)
  • Rhys & Candy Morcombe (Grow Safe lamb)
  • Gavin Italiano (Grow Safe dairy)
  • Rob & Phillip Bradley (Grow Safe pork)
  • Stonemeal Farm (Grow Safe citrus)
  • Ian Rayner from Custard Co (Grow Safe cider)
  • Peter D’Ascanio and the Princi Family

Australian Mineral Fertilisers began manufacturing biological mineral fertilisers in 2002 and is a fully owned and operated Western Australian Company. The factory and head office is situated in Tenterden, in the south west of WA.

Gardeners in the Perth metropolitan area can purchase Grow Safe from Creation Landscape Supplies in North Fremantle and Landsdale Plants. Visit for further product information and applications, and the full list of Western Australian stockists.

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