7.5 Litre Veggie grow bag with coir slab

Perfect for balcony’s or small back yards. Great for kids.

  • Ideal  for hydroponic veggie growers
  • No more hassle with environmentally harmful plastic bags
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • Flexible bag and medium made out of Coir
  • One or more plants may be grown within the hydrated grow block
  • Unrestricted root development, no cramped and bound root
  • Clean and biological decomposition of used container
  • The grow container is permeable to air which allows gas exchange between growing medium and the atmosphere. That means CO2 produced by respiration of roots can escape from  the medium and O2 can enter to the grow medium. These conditions will produce a better plant
  • This grow container is also permeable to moisture which produces an evaporative cooling effect much to the advantage of the plant roots, particularly in summer
  • Medium will never become waterlogged
  • Once the crop is over, entire container and the medium will simply break down and can be used as a soil conditioner, potting medium or as a mulch. Therefore, no hassle of destroying the left overs.
  • We recommend mixing Growsafe fertiliser in with the wet coir fibre. Liquid fertiliser is also recommended every fortnight if only using coir fibre as a growing medium. Alternatively use 50% coir fibre 50% potting mix in the grow bag.
  • Pot size 240mm High, 200mm Wide
  • Lifespan of grow bags are 1 to 2 years

For wholesale enquiries please email Jess at admin@sabrinahahn.com.au

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