Medfly ISCA TML Lures

ISCA TML Lures: 

  • Contains Trimelure parapheromone in a gel matrix which attracts male Medfly.
  • Field life: 4-6 weeks depending on environmental conditions (4 weeks in summer)
  • Shelf life: 2 years if refrigerated.

ISCA Ball Trap:

  • Robust UV stable plastics for long field life.
  • Includes an easy access lure receptacle on top of the trap for ease of lure replacement.

Ball Trap set up and monitoring of male Mediterranean Fruit Flies:

  • Apply ISCA TML lure into the lure receptacle in the top of the trap and close the lid.
  • Replace every 4-6 weeks (4 weeks in summer)

Trap Placement:

  • Traps are hung on the south side of the tree in summer and on the north side in the winter.
  • Place traps on the inside of the canopy of fruiting trees, in open shade, with 25cm of clearance from foliage.


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